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The Scorpio Man

The Scorpio Man is an intense, sexually insatiable lover whose desire for sexual exploration can often outstrip that of their partner. 

They have a strong loyalty streak and their passion can become somewhat overwhelming at times

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They hate routine and make love with a remarkable intensity, are not above using sex to manipulate their partner, and can be domineering over every move in the bedroom.

Jealousy is a major feature in this sign often resulting in the Scorpio becoming suspicious of their partner to the point of suffocating them. 

Scorpio’s generally have high standards although they tend to apply them to matters of particular interest to them. 

The Scorpio man can present a calm outlook on the surface when in fact he is raging within. They love and live their own way and are far from easily influenced to any change their opinion or outlook.

There is a powerful magnetic quality inherent in the Scorpio - hypnotic in the male and femme fatale in the female, so that the intensity of their love attracts others toward them. 

The Scorpio sign rules the genitals, and while this an erogenous body area for everyone, in case of Scorpio, it is the principal area of sexual focus. Gently stroking in this area will arouse and let loose the incredible passion of Scorpio.

Best Bed Mates for the Scorpio: Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, and Scorpio.  

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The Scorpio Man - Career Profile

To identify a Scorpio man look for that determined person whose interior boils while their face remains frozen. Due to their fascination with the mystical, life and death and mysteries you will often find these people the fields of doctor, healer, astrology, psychology or investigative type work such as a police or private detective. 

The Scorpio man can be the “Terminator’s” of the Zodiac, not to be crossed. A determined and active winner-take-all character who will maintain their eyes on the objective and never deviate.  

They are generally straight shooters who can project charisma and charm, know how to zero-in on those important tasks and, where a deal is concerned, have no hesitation on going in for the kill. 

They can be very loyal to those who earn their respect, but look out if you don’t. They have high standards in general, but tend to apply those standards to areas of interest peculiar to themselves.

The Scorpio man tends to like to manage, create and solve problems, they prefer to lead by example and love to win. Where Scorpio can learn to manage their need for control, their aggressiveness and a potential for vindictiveness then they can be accomplished winners.    

Strong-minded Scorpios can go far professionally, however they are not always interested in achieving status or grabbing the limelight, preferring to wield and manipulate power behind the scenes. 

Such qualities often attract many Scorpio’s toward secretive cum investigative type work such as private detective, police, electronic snooping, undercover work, tax inspector, spying and even criminal activities. 

Their natural investigative qualities together with their fascination for the mystical, life and death may often attract them toward careers in psychiatry, psychology, pathology, research and even undertaking. Those with a strong Mars influence in their charts may well gravitate toward careers in the military. 

These folk were born to lead, investigate, create, heal and teach. Any career or vocation in keeping with such qualities will appeal to Scorpio.  

Some suitable vocations for the Scorpio Man:  

Analyst, Biochemist, Biologist, Chemist, Coroner, Criminologist, Detective, Diver, Dentist, Doctor, Engineer, Ecologists, Funeral director, Hypnotist, Investigator, Insurance Agent, Lab technician, Manager, Military, Navigator, organizer, Pathologist, Psychiatrist, Researcher, Scientist, Secret Agent, Security Officer, Surgeon, Undertaker.

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